Maliah was born in a small beach town in Southern California, where she was raised on the blues, soul, and R&B. Music in all of its forms was performed, practiced and played in her home.

Growing up in a farmhouse on the outskirts of town, organic creative progress was a natural state for her, and freedom to explore her talents were encouraged. With no formal training, the purity and integrity of her sound, and her raw love for making music was nurtured as a necessary gift to be honed. Her ability to sing in a deeply soulful, yet modern style is original and slightly otherworldly.  She has written, told stories and sang consistently from the age of four.

Maliah sings from the deepest part of herself, with a sound that transcends her life experience. It is both ancestral and pure, shirks self-consciousness, and hits the heart of even the most brazen with a curious, welcome pang.

In September 2018 Maliah was honored with the best R&B Artist of the Year award from the Ventura County Music Awards where she was showcased and performed her original song, “Shade”.

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